Project Description


Type of Investment: Management Buy-In
Industry: Retail
Initial Investment:  February 2017
Fund: Allegro Fund II
Investment Status: Current
Contact: Fay Bou
Adrian Loader
Jeremy Trouncer


Healthy Life was established in 1968 and is Australia’s leading health retailer providing trusted advice to its customers.

Healthy Life has wholesale and retail operations across 50+ stores in Australia.

In February 2017, Allegro and a management buy-in team acquired a majority control stake in Healthy life to partner with the existing shareholder, Eu Yan Sang, the leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of traditional Chinese medicine in Asia to growth the Healthy Life business. Allegro is represented on the board of Healthy Life by Adrian Loader (Chairman) and Fay Bou (Director).

Healthy Life was the sixth investment made in Allegro Fund II.