Project Description


In July 2015, Allegro acquired Carpet Court, New Zealand’s largest national flooring brand and in 2018 bolted on CurtainStudio, a leading national window furnishings retailer. The business was subsequently renamed The Interiors Group, to represent the platform business that had been built and one that had been completely transformed from the business that Allegro acquired in 2015.

When Allegro acquired Carpet Court in 2015, it was in financial distress being loss making and on the verge of receivership.


The Interiors Group is a great case study of an Allegro turnaround deal. By Allegro’s exit in 2021, the business had become the largest interiors company in NZ with combined sales of more than $200m across more than 100 showrooms nationwide. It has been a significant turnaround and transformation from the business Allegro acquired in 2015.

Under its ownership, Allegro invested significantly into the business to drive transformation – building the platform, investing in the team, investing in the physical store assets, repurposing the technology platform and repositioning the business for long-term sustainable growth.


The result of the transformation was a significant increase in NPS, sales, earnings, showrooms and employee engagement.

In September 2021, Allegro completed a transaction to sell The Interiors Group to Pencarrow Private Equity. The exit reaped strong returns for investors and the management team, the latter of whom have stayed with the business to continue pursuing its exciting growth opportunities.